Bernardo Ruiz Lima and Victor Mata co-authors Los contratos sobre el buque en Derecho Español. Análisis práctico (published 11 December 2018)

Thomas Cooper Madrid, partner Bernardo Ruiz Lima and Lawyer Victor Mata, both feature as co-authors in the newly published book titled Los contratos sobre el buque en Derecho Español. Análisis práctico (The Contracts on the Ship in Spanish Law. Practical Analysis) in Spain. The book, which has been mostly written by practising lawyers focuses on shipping contracts under Spanish law and has been promoted by the Spanish Maritime Law Association.

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About the contributors

  • Bernardo Ruiz Lima Partner

    Bernardo deals regularly with insurance and reinsurance claims, logistics and transport issues, P&I and salvage proceedings.

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  • Victor Mata Abogado

    Victor is normally involved in handling personal injury files, contractual disputes and salvage proceedings.

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