The Night Before Year-End

(by Sharon Fryer)

‘Twas the night before year-end, when all through HQ
There was hustle and bustle – a dreadful to-do.
The documents all had been printed with care,
In hopes that the Board members soon would be there.
To complete all the matters they want to include
In this year’s accounts – but chaos ensued.

No-one had checked the Board’s holiday plans
And all were off ski-ing or topping up tans
For the rest of the morning, which was rather fraught
Directors at home with their fam’lies were sought.
With humble apologies, phoning around
A grumbling, muttering quorum was found

On buybacks, redemptions! On solvency statement!
On lending, On waivers, On dividend payments!
Approved on a crackly conference call
Now sign away, sign away, sign away all.

“Next year we’ll be sure to plan well in advance
We’ll make proper arrangements, leave nothing to chance,”
They sighed with relief as they turned out the light
Happy year-end to all, and to all a Good Night.

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