Seafarers Residing in France

Written by Dani Allan, Christophe Hunkeler and Servane Bourrée for Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd (March 2019).

Until 2011, French domiciled seafarers did not have the right (as did other land-based employees) to claim enhanced compensation from the State when a work-related injury (or worse) was caused by the negligence (faute inexcusable) of the employer, a right that had existed elsewhere for decades. With MLC 2006 however, the French State looked again at the seafarer’s lot in order to ensure compliance with the intentions of the MLC. One of the results of this was the introduction of the laws of 9 March and 30 December 2017, and the consequent modification to Article L.5551-1 of the Transport Code…Click here to read Dani Allan, Christophe Hunkeler and Servane Bourrée full article published by Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd.

Seafarers Residing in France written by Dani Allan, Christophe Hunkeler and Servane Bourrée.

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